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Insects do not belong in the home. Not only are they annoying but also cause unsanitary conditions in the house. They reproduce and form their colonies in your house, making it hard to get rid of them.

It becomes difficult to relax in your home with the buzz of a fly and a bite of a mosquito. It isn’t enough that fleas, wasps and scorpions can invade your home, causing painful stings. One cannot sleep peacefully due to bedbugs and ants lingering on your bed.

Besides those stings and bites, insects like mosquitoes, fleas, cockroaches carry disease-causing germs that can transfer to pets and humans — cockroaches area major contributor towards allergies, especially in small children.

Crawling insects can linger on your food in the kitchen or on the table, making it unclean to consume. In short, insects can induce unhygienic conditions in your home that can cause severe infections. Therefore, you need to make your home bug-free. Smallest of the changes can help you win the battle against quintiles of bugs in your house. All you need to know is what attracts them to your home.

We have compiled some useful points that will help you achieve a bug-free home-


Seal your Doors-

Unsealed doors make an easy entrance for unwanted pests just like the unlocked doors for intruders. If you scrutinize your doors, you’ll be surprised to see the gaps or openings that make a smooth passage for these insects to enter.

To keep these insects from crawling under your doors, use door sweep with aluminum or steel threshold below the door. Door sweep will cover the gap between the threshold and door bottom.

Add screens and weather-stripping to the perimeter of the frame that will keep insects from entering through sides or hinges. All of the sealing techniques will fail if you’ll not keep your doors closed. In case you have children in your home who forget to close the door, use a hydraulic device that will automatically latch your door.


Add Screens-

Allowing refreshing air and sunrays in through windows is essential for you and your home, especially during hot and humid conditions. But when you open your windows for natural ventilation, you invite some unwanted guests like fleas, mosquitoes and wasps. The best way to get rid of them is to add screens in your windows. They will resist these bugs and also the crawling lizards and caterpillars.


Repair the Cracks-

Microscopic and tiny little insects can make an easy way to your house through cracks. Some cracks are rarely visible to the eyes of the owner, get them sealed with the help of cement or a sealer. A mouse can easily access small gaps for entering your house. It can take shelter by invading these small gaps. Therefore, you need to examine the exteriors of your home that includes broken siding, rotted wood, crumbled bricks and cracks in the foundation.


Store Trash Properly-

Messy and uncovered trash can invite insects and bugs. Who, after feasting on the garbage, enters your home with all the infection-causing germs. Hence, keep your dumpster covered with a lid and store it properly. Don’t forget to empty the bins every night and keeping them clean and sanitized.


Stagnant Water-

Get rid of stagnant water since it is a breeding place for mosquitoes. Clogged gutters can lead to stagnant water and water leakages can cause water to collect. Therefore keep your pipes in good conditions and clean the once a week.


Call for Pest Control Service-

If you are not able to tackle pests, then worry not! Hire pest control professionals who are trained and experienced in their job. They can solve your problem within a few days while you can sit back and relax.