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Damages done by squirrels is worst for buildings and the owners. You might have seen squirrels munching on hard sticks. But did you know that squirrels gnaw hard objects to keep their teeth sharp? Maybe not!

If there is squirrel infestation in your home, then beware! They can chew all sort of things, whether it is a wooden table or an electrical wire. Their presence can be destructive as they can collapse the roofs and walls by chomping the structural wooden beams. Moreover, nibbled electrical wires can lead to a short circuit, consequently burning down your home.

Therefore, it is crucial to learn the signs of squirrel presence so that their timely removal can be planned.


  1. You hear strange noises in and around the home – If you pay attention and keep your ear to the ground, then chances are there that you detect them before seeing. The two most common types of sounds that you can listen to in your attic are scampering and scratching. You can even hear these sounds from your ceiling as squirrels often make their nest in attics.
  2. You notice damage in the home – You can view most of the damage done by squirrels in the attics of your home. So, it is the first things that you need to check if you doubt having squirrels inside the house. You can see chewed wires and wood slivers all over the attic. If not removed on time, then these rodents can enter and damage other parts of the home in a short time. Moreover, your ignorance can lead to the growth of the squirrel family, and hence more will be the destruction. You also had to invest in repairing to bring things in order.
  3. You see squirrel dropping – Squirrel dropping is a direct indication of rodent infestation. The most common areas where you can find the squirrel’s faeces are attics, garage and entry points of the home. However, it may be difficult for you to identify as the droppings of squirrel are almost similar to other animals like rats, raccoons, and bats. So, it is suggested to call pest control company at the earliest as they can identify the droppings with 100% accuracy and thus can propose the pest removal plan for you.
  4. You sense a foul smell inside the home – Sometimes squirrels fall and get trapped into the gaps behind the wall. Some get stuck, and others are too young to find the way out and hence they die. These dead squirrels begin to decay, and you start sensing a pungent odor in your home.

If you want to keep your home protected and don’t want to spend on repairing the damages done by squirrels, then do not ignore the above-given signs. Moreover, it is highly suggested to call the Pest Control Company immediately.