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A spider infestation in your home or business can cause you major disruption. At Huron Pest Control, Inc. we have years of experience helping our customers in Huron County eradicate and prevent spiders. Spiders multiply quickly so it is important to call us right away to stop them.

Types of Spiders

Most of the spiders in Ontario are not considered dangerous to humans, and will only bite humans in self defense. All spiders are considred a nuisance and cause unsightly cobwebs in corners of your home or business. If the spiders become unmanageable, call the experts for eradication.

Recently, 2 types of spiders from the United States have recently found their way into Canada through imported fruits and are considered dangerous. One is the famous Black Widow Spider and the other is Brown Recluse Spider. Although uncommon, they could find their way into your home through groceries and if spotted should be eradicated immediately.

Contact Huron Pest Control immediately if you have a spider infestation or spotted a spider that your think might be venomous.