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Bed Bugs

The presence of bed bugs has become more common. Bed bugs live in furniture, clothing and bedding.

Since they are the most challenging kind of bug to eradicate, it is best to always be mindful of them to attempt to prevent the spread of bed bugs to your home.
Bed Bugs May Follow You

Here are tips on how to avoid bed bugs:

  • When staying in a hotel, keep suitcases off the floor and far from your bed
  • Avoid putting clothes in hotel drawers where bed bugs may lurk
  • Check the mattress of the bed in your hotel room for blood or brown spots
  • Air out and clean your luggage after you leave
  • Wash all clothes thoroughly and dry them in the dryer when you arrive home
  • Bed bugs can also be found in used clothing and furniture

Bed bugs often bite between the shoulders and behind the knees. Bites cause red marks that itch for weeks. If you suspect an infestation, search every part of your bed, including the seams and box spring. Despite the name, remember that bed bugs can be found all over the home, not just in the bedroom.


How to Know if Your Bed Bug Problem is Out of Control

When you have an infestation on your hands, you’ll find that bed bugs spread incredibly quickly. Huron Pest Control Inc. will stop bed bugs in their tracks. If it looks like your property is now infested, just contact us so we can handle the situation once and for all.

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