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There are two types of bats that live in the Middlesex, Lambton Shores, Huron and Elgin Counties. Big brown bats, which are known to hibernate in churches, barns and older farm houses and little brown bats, which typically begin migrating to caves in the south roughly from early to mid-October. The little brown bats generally return in mid-May when the insects return.  It is very hard to tell these bats apart.

Bats are a protected species in Ontario! Therefore, it is illegal to knowingly kill a bat colony. The only way to protect your dwelling from unwanted bats is to completely seal the structure. Bats can fit into holes 1/3” in diameter – basically an access point that is the size of a baby finger.

Inspections are required for all bat-related eviction and removal jobs as every structure is different and therefore the extent of sealing is different. Some of this inspection process you can start on your own. Dawn and dusk are two opportune times of the day to sit outside your home and watch for bats emerging or returning. All sides of the structure should be checked.

The process we employ utilizes one-way doors to force the bat movement. One-way doors are placed at the main entry points and all secondary entry points are sealed. These one-way doors are left on for approximately 2-4 weeks to allow all bats to exit. At this time, a final seal and inspection is done.

We pride ourselves on a full 5 year written warranty to keep your family safe and prevent property damage.

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