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Are you seeing ant shavings in your Grand Bend home? Are you seeing trails of ants attacking your food in your Huron County cottage? If this is the case Huron Pest Control, Inc. services will eliminate your current infestation providing you peace of mind. Here are some common varieties of ants to help you identify your pest.

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Types of Ants

Odorous House Ants

odorous house ants
Odorous house ants cause safety hazards because they can contaminate your food. Once they locate a source of water or food (including protein and sweets) they will forge a path to it. Odorous House Ants, also known as sweet ants, little ants and sugar ants, can one day make it to your meal if you do not take the appropriate steps to prevent them.

Our objective when dealing with an infestation of Odorous House Ants is a long-term solution. Using a combination of sprays and other types of treatments we will work inside and outside your home in an effort to eradicate the colony. Call us now so we have the best chance of getting rid of this problem permanently.

Carpenter Ants

carpenter ants

Carpenter ants are the only species of large black ants in this region. They are fairly common and can cause property damage. The following information will help you identify a carpenter ant problem. It is important to deal with carpenter ants now to avoid serious property damage.

Signs of a carpenter ant infestation

  • You regularly see worker ants around your property
  • You will find extruded sawdust or frass that has been gathered by the insects
  • Winged reproductive ants have arrived in groups
  • Sounds made by ants inside your home’s structure are heard
  • Ants enter your property through wood that is touching the soil and through small holes in plumbing and wiring
  • Nests are found outside your home

The best way to deal with the ants an interior and exterior perimeter treatment.  Any nests seen in your home have likely spawned from a larger colony outside. In order to get your infestation under control, we will spray the outside perimeter, drill holes in the walls and work on your attic and crawlspaces. We will do everything possible to locate and get rid of the larger colony outside, but this could be up to 2 km away.

Pavement Ants

Pavement Ants are about the same size as Odorous House Ants, but they are lighter and more tan in colour. We devote our efforts to getting rid of the ants and preventing infestation from reoccurring as these insects also pose a significant threat to your home. To prevent pavement ants from harming your food or your home contact us as soon as you realize that you have an issue with pavement ants.

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