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Pests such as rats, mice, bed bugs and cockroaches are commonly found in many households, some more in rural areas and some more in urban areas. These pests although small in size can cause huge health issues to both you and your pets. Below is a list of few pests and their impact on your health.

  1. Mice

Commonly found in rural areas, mice can be noticed from a distance. Similar to other pests, mice scour your house for food. Even if they are unable to contaminate your food, they could contaminate your kitchen area.

They are the worst offenders when it comes to health risks. They constantly dribble urine making every surface they come in contact with, contaminated immediately. The urine of a salmonella or meningitis infected mouse, can cause severe effects on humans. The urine could easily be found on you floors or countertops, if you house is infested with mice. What makes matters worse is that, mouse urine dries fast. This makes it impossible to be seen or noticed and hence you might contaminate your own food with bacteria without even knowing.


  1. Cockroaches

Cockroaches are deemed to be the most disgusting looking pest around but the danger it causes to human life is even worse. They live in the sewers and come into your house looking for food and warmth. They leave behind a wide range of bacteria, parasites and pathogens while strolling through your kitchen and cupboards. They not only contaminate the surface they are one but can also pollute the air in your house. Droppings, urine, decaying cockroach bodies and shedding skin, all break down and pollute the air in your house. These particles get into your system and cause several problems and allergic reactions. They tend to affect the asthmatics the most. They are proven to cause far more destruction to asthmatics than dog hair, cut fur and even conventional dust might cause.


  1. Bed bugs

Bed bugs work differently than the above pests. There are not carriers of harmful parasites or diseases. They can only bite, which cause rashes, scars and lesions and can also have serious psychological impacts.

They live in the woodwork of your bed for a long time before they start effecting you. Infestations are hard to get rid of and can take long to remove. Exposure to bed bugs to for a long time causes anxiety, stress, sleep deprivation and depression as well.


  1. Fleas

These are flightless pests with powerful legs that enables them to jump onto your pet’s fur easily. These are generally found in long grass. These act like parasites, sucking the blood of their host. They can affect humans as well. While their bites can give you an allergic reaction, and even cause a severe and dangerous anaphylaxis in some people, fleas can have a nastier side if accidentally swallowed. This mostly occurs in children and can cause more damage than the tapeworm.

In addition to the above pests, rats are also found in many houses. You must ensure that your home is free of these pests. You must regularly get your house checked for pests and should take pest control seriously.