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Sometimes bats can invade your residence, causing structural damage and leaving droppings that erode wood and other building material. It’s not only about the noises they create, but also exposure to bat guano can pose serious health issues if ignored.

You need to get rid of them! But in a way that you don’t hurt them or kill them. In some parts of the world, bats are a protected species, so check the laws in your area and take the required steps accordingly.

You can do it all by yourself if they are a few of them. But it is always better to call a professional pest removal service if you are facing a severe infestation.

Here are some steps you can take to evict winged intruders from your property:


Search online the types of bats found in your area:

There are different types of bats, do a research online and gain some knowledge on the maternity season of bats since when you drive off the mother after she has given birth, her babies will not be able to survive. This will leave your house with dead bats to dispose of.

Before doing research, you need to check the bats that have entered your house carefully to reference what species it is.


Inspect the areas where bats might get in and go for bat-proofing:

Bats are attracted towards dark and enclosed spaces as they resemble their natural habitat. Therefore they can squeeze into narrow spaces like chimney flue, basement or crawlspace.

Pay attention to the small openings and apertures in the house since bats use these as entry and exit points. You need to seal these areas, and it is known as bat-proofing.


Create disturbances for bats:

Install a light in the attic and other dark hideouts where you think bats can reside. Another thing you can do is leave a white noise machine running overnight to scare them off.

Hang strips of aluminium foil from the ceiling that will create a series of obstacles which will disorient and repel bats.


Install one-way exclusion device:

Suspected entry areas must be fitted with a valve. If bats enter through it, they will not have any exit point to leave. It will make them difficult to come and go, and they will eventually evacuate the place on their own.

These exclusion devices act as a trapping system. You can find them in any pet stores and home improvement centres.


Call a pest removal service:

If after a constant effort of getting rid of bats you fail then worry not! You can hire bat control services that can deal with the entire bat colony invading your house. They can easily find out their hiding places, take them out from there and seal it, keeping them from coming back.


This is the convenient and safest option since the specialists will not pose any harm to bats to leaving you guilt-free from killing their babies.